At Work Yoga - Generating greater productivity in workteams

Research has shown that concentration is only possible if a person is mentally and physically relaxed. Recognising that stress is a serious problem in workplace environments, Shaktiprem began delivering the benefits of yoga to the corporate sector in 2009.

At Work Yoga offers customised yoga programs designed to sharpen productivity, enhance clarity of mind and generate collective excellence. The sessions include a combination of postures, breathing, and relaxation exercises that will leave your staff feeling recharged and refocused and with an enhanced ability to perform with efficiency and clarity. Healthier and more motivated employees are just a stretch away.

Let us create wellness solutions tailored to fit your workplace needs.

Unplug & Reboot


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Shaktiprem is the author of the book "Unplug & Reboot - Computer Chair Yoga", published in 2011.

"Morning yoga is the best way to enable a productive day."