Is there a Gut-Instinct?

Our microbes really create our mental state. It has been proven. Now that it is not just a saying: “ I go by my gut instinct”, but it is advisable to go by it as it has been described now as our “brain”. Well, there is a direct connection between the brain, the mind and our gut - the microbes that make our gut.

We all know that different foods leave us feeling differently. Not only that some foods leave us feeling tired as it is with so called heavy foods ( big meat and dairy meals), but they can also leave us with a dull brain/ thinking activity or other foods can leave us with a fresh and energetic or just deeply satisfying feeling. And all that has of course an effect on how we feel in general and particular situations. How we feel physically - from the gut through the whole body and mind effects our emotional state of being and thus the way we perceive situations and how we then react.

Yoga has always put an emphasis on light wholesome fresh foods and to eat only until the stomach is two thirds full so that the body doesn’t feel “full” and heavy.

Here is some more scientific background information to understand gut-health a bit better and maybe to get the spontaneous impulse to join as the last person the upcoming “Mrs Snook’s’s Gut- Cleanse” Retreat on Magnetic Island. (13 - 22 July 2019).


What do you do on a retreat like that? - You will be looked after for 8 days, getting the juices and fresh fruit as recommended by Mrs Snook that will start to shift the biome, the bacteria in your intestine and also will drop some weight if you have some to loose. After the eight days you can continue the diet at home or start a new way of eating to support what you have gained during the retreat. And for the first 3 weeks after the retreat you have weekly calls to support you in your ongoing journey.

There is a life after the gut cleanse. I recorded this a few months ago now:

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How can I be present instead of thinking of the past or the future?

Even if you don’t ask yourself consciously “Where have I come from and where do I go? What is this life about?”, you will still come to points in your life from time where you are aware that your thoughts are constantly in the past or you are worrying about the future, or making all kinds of plans for the future. And that way of being causes tension in body and mind. So the question comes up:


During the week of the retreat in the Etruscan Tuscany we came to more and more silence inside of us and thus more present to the present moment. The process to first “cleanse”, then “clear” and then “create” was just the perfect flow for all participants.

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If you want to let go of things of the past that your mind goes back to again and again, it is good to practice becoming the outside observer, the witness. Here is a recording of the introduction to this practice.

And of course if you want to fast forward and instantly get back into the present moment you just have to focus on your breath. See how long you can stay with bringing your awareness to the nostrils feeling the cool sensation when you breathe in and the warm sensation when you breathe out before other thoughts run through your mind. ;-) Although that is not as easy as it sounds (most people don’t manage to do that for 2 minutes without other thoughts coming in) it always DOES bring you back to the moment - and it is a good way to start to concentrate instead of continuously practising to distract yourself what we call these days “multi-tasking’, though science has proven that we can only put our mind on one thing at a time.