Reflections on "Yoga Under The Tuscan Sun" 27.09. - 04.10.2014

The sub title "Detox Body and Mind" may had people expected different things. Some may have thought of an intensive yoga practice  in a secluded place, some wondered how you can do a detox retreat in Tuscany where you are surrounded by vineyards.

My intention was not to only give the participants the best experience ever while on the retreat but an experience that would plant seeds into their future daily lives and thus can grow on.

As we know Yoga doesn't equal practising asanas (postures), but means union between body, mind and spirit - developing an awareness of the interplay of the physical body, the breath and the thoughts and emotions. 

Participants experiences:

Walk on the estate

We started the day with a 10-15 minute meditative walk in silence, followed by standing asanas still outside in the fresh morning air and then completed the yoga session inside with asanas and pranayama (breathing practice). Before lunch we had a Yoga Nidra session and then in the evening our sharing time and meditation and review of the day. So much to the official Yoga program.

We had times around the house, times to see Siena and San Gimignano followed by a day of cleanse and introspection. We had one special lunch in town in a very fine restaurant and also food cooked by a local cook (typical "Italian Mamma food" that was so delicious) and food I cooked.

Throughout the retreat we were able to experience always both sides of a coin:  being able to move from the inner space to the outer, from the quiet to the busy and vice versa as well as from simple delicious to "luxury" delicious meals.  And while the outer constantly changes we could experience how to remain connected to our inner centring point our inner anchor that stays still and strong so we can let the outer events be the way they are without having to react to them with our usual "likes and dislikes".

Relaxing, reflecting at the pool was always appreciated - as well as a refreshing swim.

Relaxing, reflecting at the pool was always appreciated - as well as a refreshing swim.