Coffee, Stress and Tension

When walking through the Brisbane CBD to get to my corporate yoga clients for their lunch time yoga sessions I experience Australia's real culture - the coffee culture, if not to call it an obsession. Although I am an Italy lover and thus a coffee lover I would like to see yoga on main squares in the Brisbane CBD. . But what I see is people clinging to their coffee cups trying to get another energy  boost or just to get through the day. - The "just getting through the day" is something I feel really sad about.

It would be great instead to see people getting together, realigning themselves and reenergising with lunch time yoga. Why?

Whilst we think a "topping up" of our coffee intake gives us more energy, it turns out to be that a lot of coffee will promote the release of stress hormones cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine. These chemicals increase our body's heart rate, blood pressure and tension levels - the old "fight or flight" response. 

And yoga is a means of getting us out of the "reptile brain" out of the fight and flight response so that we can act rather than react. So workplace yoga, which is yoga before work or lunch time yoga can get a work-team together again and doesn't mean that I want to see people drink coffee like this:

If you want to get some tension out of your head, neck, shoulders and your eyes right now instead of sitting like the lady below, click on the links below, and smile while you do these yoga practices - it helps immensely.

"We are our best - our 'true' self - when we are in our natural physiological state, which is a relaxed state." (Jeremy Schmahmann, neuro-anatomist)