Are you a Human Doing or Human Being?

On my last yoga 1 day retreat on Mt Glorious one of the participants shared

that he felt that most of his life he was a human doing and as a man mainly been driven by what he thought he had to do rather than taking the time to find out what it means to "be".. I thought it was great food for thought to share with you, a good reminder that there might be more than reaching some "outer" goals but also set a goal to experience ones own being. It is always easily said to connect with oneself - sometimes it might even sound a bit "fluffy". 
For myself I have found that practising yoga and also experiencing myself out of my daily routine, out of my comfort zone helps me to experience myself again in a new way.
Sometimes it takes courage to take yourself out there and take new opportunities, but I always found that it is worth it . 
So this time I took the opportunity to work for 6 weeks in Italy - though winter in Florence is not as charming, and of course you don't have to travel to the other side of the world.