Balance vitality and calm = living your vision

Does balance equal boring?

Thanks to a friend's question on Christmas eve I have started to contemplate about the meaning of "balance" again. I suggested to another friend that evening to be more gentle and relaxed and less reactive when talking with her father on Skype. We all know that some family members however much we truly love them can trigger us to be reactive rather than responsive. This other friend then asked me if I wanted everything to be just moving around zero, with no ups and no downs? "That seems very much without feeling and actually really boring." This is a good point and I know that it can seem like that. But what is balance? "Balance is the ability to control and maintain the body's position whether in motion or remaining still. This is the physical balance. To be physically in balance we need the inner ear to get a sufficient blood supply. To achieve inner balance (of emotions and mind) we need both hemispheres of the brain to be balanced. " (from Unplug&Reboot

So it really needs some action from our part to get and continuously move into balance. We need a strong core - physically, emotionally and mentally - an inner strong point that keeps us in balance from where we powerfully can move, even happily jump or skip in the direction we choose rather than moving in a reactive way in the direction we let outer situations pull and push us. There is no power nor freedom in being reactive - so balance is the key and it is nothing static.

I would even go that far and say that balance is a state of excitement and openness - because in that state we can connect to the essence of a situation or person we are dealing with at the moment. 

Do you know the excitement and power you can get when the balance sheets balance out? - I do ;-) And from that place we start with vitality and calm, uniting what seems quite often like opposites.

Now how do we best create our vision? I'd like to give you the image of the lion and the eagle. Connect with  the strength of the lion and the vision of the eagle and it creates the balance you need for a strong starting point.


If you do yoga at work or at home, office yoga or yoga in the park, we always will gain strength through relaxing and stretching the muscles and ourselves, and through pranayama (breathing practices) get into inner balance and calm which allows our eye vision and inner vision to improve.