The yoga of flow - power yoga

Again I was asked "what is your favourite yoga pose?" , and like always I am staring at the person who asked me and ask back "what do you mean? What is yoga for you?" Actually I am a bit sad when I hear that question, because it shows me how far away we (lots of yoga schools in the west) are from the real meaning of yoga. Yoga means union. Union with our whole self - body, emotions and mind. Basically being the master of our mind is the first goal, which means being in a state of mind where we don't automatically react, but start to act with awareness through having a more open perspective on ourselves, the world and life. 

So what is your favourite pose? A few "basic" postures that harmonise the energy flow in my body as well as settle my emotions and center my mind. (And of course breathing/pranayama practices and yoga nidra/relaxation is as important as the postures/asanas). It is not the pose that is important, because no matter in what shape our body is we can practise yoga - as long as we know that yoga is not an acrobatic exercise as we seem to have made it in the west where we are so body- obsessed.

Here is a lovely poem I would like to share with you:

"Have you ever seen a leaf floating in a stream?

 Have you ever seen it stop and try to move the stone away?

No, the leaf is only flowing, flowing with the stream,

Sometimes turned upside down, sometimes pressed underneath the surface,

Sometimes tickled in a current, always safely returning to the surface.

No matter what, it does nothing but flow, enjoying the water as the water enjoys the leaf.

The more we Do, and do with effort, the harder life will get, so why do we Do?

We want to see results, but a smooth stone, perfectly shaped,

Is only made by flowing water and time - and so is life."  (Erica Svensson)

so let's put more into being than doing.