Power Yoga on Yoga-Health-Retreats?

What kind of yoga are we doing with Shaktiprem?

There are so many types of yoga out there with so many fancy names that it is hard to keep up with it and not get confused. 

Power Yoga is quite often a kind of yoga where people do yoga bootcamps and aim for a physical workout. But I am actually not an expert of "power yoga", so there might be more to it.

The yoga I am teaching is more an authentic yoga which is based on old yoga traditions. The aim here is to experience unity between body, mind and emotions. 

After all the years that I am practising Yoga I must say that the power is in the gentleness. While I was in Florence beginning of the year I participated in 2-3 Yoga classes a week. It was good to have been a student once again - of course after having found a great teacher.


In the second week of my stay I had the feeling I am getting a bad cold or flu as I wasn't used to the European winter coldness anymore. I had a very sore throat, aching bones and joints and a painful chest. Despite of that I went to the yoga session on a Saturday morning - though staying in bed on such a chilly morning would have been more appealing.... all I needed was a bit of willpower to go and then I experienced the power of yoga! The only thing I didn't do was stay for too long in downward postures. I worked with my body's current limitations and created space and an energy flow that rejuvenated me in no time. 
So there is sometimes some "push" needed, but that push is from within and then the outer practice done gently with awareness opens up for change. 


So on my Yoga Under The Tuscan Sun Retreats we will be practising yoga daily, eat great food, go on nature walks - basically bring vitality into our body and calmness and peace into our mind while having lots of fun with it.