Energise and Relax - Relax and Energise

One week in beautiful Tuscany to "unplug and reboot"  - WHY A YOGA RETREAT ?

..... and not a good relaxed time in a top resort where you can get pampered for a week non stop? We are not talking about the price difference (that you have to pay much more for the resort stay with some outer luxury), but about the experience during your stay. In a fancy resort you can hang out, while your thoughts are still with work or private life you might have physically left behind for the time of your "relaxing holiday". 

At a yoga retreat not only your body can relax, but you will be guided in mediation and in expanding your awareness - towards your body, your movements, your breathing AND your thoughts.  Relaxation and awareness are the keys to reconnect with oneself and to find one's authenticity in a balance of what I take in from the outside and what we take out into the world in our interactions with people (and animals and plants). 

In "The Slow Down Diet - Eating for Pleasure, Energy....."( The Slow Down Diet : Marc David - BookDepository.com‎ ) Marc David calls relaxation and awareness "the two universal metabolic forces".  Working with these universal forces during a retreat might be shifting or bring up things for the individual, but it also is something pleasurable.... as I am not a believer of "no pain no gain" .   

Yes there is pleasure in slowing down, in practising , let's say "slow Yoga" , as this practise on a yoga retreat meets the deep human needs for connection and generates a positive rejuvenating energy that we then carry out into our lives.

So I invite you to nourish your way to health and vitality on this unique yoga retreat. (close to Florence and Siena)

This retreat is suitable for all ages and body shapes and fitness levels - as yoga is more than the physical part. I meet every participant where they are to challenge them in a suitable way - I promise that it won't be "too hard" or "too easy".

You can give me a call if you have any questions prior to making your booking. +61 (0) 427681978 or see the flyer with the main information here.