Reflections on “Gut-Health-Retreat” on Magnetic Island

Mostly we hear that our thoughts influence our body and thus our health - and that’s true, yet the other way round is true as well..

When we were in day three of the “Gut-Health-Retreat” the participants started to feel the shift within themselves. Everyone came with a different objective to the retreat: from wanting to try out something different, to giving their digestive system a break for a while, to loosing some weight, to regulating and balancing their bowl movements to seeing if their arthritic pain vanish.

The intention I had for everyone on this retreat is to hold the space for everyone in such a way that every single participant can get to a point where they feel a door that they didn’t know before existed open up. And knowing the intention is the cause, this is very powerful.

On the retreat it was about feeling the connection between the body and your mind, or let’s say it the other way round as this is true as well: the connection between your mind and your body. Everyone on the retreat had an experience where they saw that the mind rebelled at something outside at some stage - for some it was the" “tight” schedule of eating fruit and drinking fresh pressed juices as described in the book “Gut Instinct - Mrs Snook’s Diet” ; for others it was the kind of fruit or juices on the menu, or just the fact that there was no choice as such because you couldn’t just go to the fridge and get out whatever you wanted - though everyone was happy that everything was prepared for them. As a consequence of stressing about the outer impulses the person would feel “down” or closed to the experience that they had decided to embrace initially. One moment the person was open to the experience of cleansing and refreshing the body and mind and the next they would shut down. - Remember we are talking here about the first 3-4 days that stir a lot in a person: physically and emotionally and the mind doesn’t know what to do with the first positive experiences and starts judging, because it is not a “normal’ thing to do, this kind of a cleanse.

Please click here to see the action

Please click here to see the action

Most managed quickly to make the change in the mind to allow them to have positive physical experience. Because no matter what games the mind did play, the body did get the benefits in the end anyway: everyone lost some weight, blood pressure came down to normal, ph-level in urine changed from very acidic before to alkaline (in only one week) and pains in the joints disappeared.

As nobody was hungry at all it became quite obvious how much our mind governs our experiences and how important it is to become friends with our mind so that it works for us instead of being the master over us.
And that’s where the yoga practices came in that everyone enjoyed and benefited from.

In the morning getting in contact with the body through an hour session of asanas, before lunch calming mind and body with a session of Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation practice) and in the evening a sharing circle followed by a meditation practice to center and bring peace and acceptance to the whole personality.