7 Health Principles

Today I don't want to give a big talk about what health is, but just give you this easy to digest, light food for thought.ENJOY! HERE ARE THE 7 HEALTH PRINCIPLES YOU CAN INTEGRATE IN YOUR LIFE NOW:

1. AIR -  fresh air, if in a room let the air circulate (fan)

2. WATER - drink a min. of 2 - 3 liters of water each day, and make sure that  it is "good" water. (more about that another time. In the meantime please do your own research)

glass of water          sunshine

3. SUNSHINE - important for your vitamin D intake.

4. WALKING - it is advisable to go for a 45min - 1 hour walk 5 times per week.

5. WHOLEFOOD - take in as much wholefood / unprocessed food as possible as it gives you more energy.

6.NON-TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS - will keep you in a balanced state of mind and emotionally healthy and strong.

7. PASSION - live your passion/ remember when you were a child and were so enthused about life. Take some time to tap back into that space.

Have a brilliant day. And oh, I forgot: do regular yoga!