Balance - Busy and Calm

Busy and Calm is only possible if we are in our natural physiological state - the relaxed state as neuro-anatomist (Jeremy Schmahmann) has proven. Why?- Because stress changes our physiology which makes it impossible for us to be busy (not scattered) and clam at the same time!! How is that? Our natural physiological state is a relaxed state, when stress comes in it affects our "fight/flight response". Stress increases

  • heart rate, blood pressure and blood clotting factor
  • cholesterol level and blood sugar level

It decreases:

  • immunity
  • learning, memory and concentration
  • serotonin levels (results are anxiety, depression, irritability and fatigue)

This makes us really sick over time if we can't get back to "neutral" - just relaxed. Schmahmann found out that the cerebellum in the brain returns the body to its normal relaxed open state after detecting movement in the joints (especially the spine) -

That's where YOGA comes in: Asanas (movements/postures done with awareness), Pranayama (regulated breathing), and Yoga Nidra (relaxation) work on the whole person thus bringing us back to our natural state where we can be busy and calm, in inner balance. Take a moment and stand balanced and tall - and be BRILLIANT !