The Importance of Relaxation

Many of the problems which people experience are caused by stress, anxiety and tension which eventually manifest as mental or, and  physical illness. Do we really get the rest during our hours of sleep? Yogic relaxation practices are using specific techniques of giving peace to the body and mind. These practices are unique methods of complete relaxation also providing sensory withdrawal. They are a wonderful psychological cure for  those who suffer from insomnia as well as sleep disturbances. What is the difference between sleep and the relaxation practice (where some tend to fall asleep)? Normally we go to sleep without quietening the mind. The influx of blood, tensions and congestion remains unsettled in our being. In normal sleep our day-to-day irregularities remain unsettled and unadjusted. Through these scientific yogic relaxation methods (like Yoga Nidra), our tensions are eased, blood circulation calmed down and other congestion rendered clear. By relaxing the body and the mind in this way one will find  real rest if sleeping afterward or if done the day-time practice the vital energy is brought back into balance, vitality is restored and a completely fresh outlook on life is experienced.

Here is a short free relaxation practice you can do at your lunch break  or straight after work when coming home. Link