Managing Stress With Yoga

How do we experience stress? Somehow we feel tensed, tight, overloaded. Our mind runs wild and we are unable to stop it or calm it down because there is so much to do and to think about. And at some stage we start to feel tension or pains in the body - often we try to ignore it as long as possible or quickly take some pain killers, so we don't have to look closer and can just go on as usual. Let's have a look now anyway: Our tension is on a nervous, emotional and muscular level as well as on a cerebral level.

posture at work

We sit without knowing there is tension in the shoulders or back. Sometimes the postural condition creates stress. Become aware of it and let it go.

If you think you can't make time to lie down for a moment during the day and practice relaxation, then sit somewhere undisturbed and connect with your breath. Concentrating on your breath is one of the most powerful methods of introverting the restless mind. Just by becoming aware of your natural breath for some time at any given moment, you will feel how your breath naturally calms down, relaxing the mind.

It is advisable to make a specific time during your work day and also when you come home from work and you are about to switch over to your private life, where you sit quietly for a moment becoming aware of your breath, counting your breaths from 27 down towards 1. If you loose count or realize you count automatically while your mind is busy with the next thing, start counting from 27 again. When you finished the breath awareness and the counting down to 1, go back to your activities.