Six Basic Movements of the Body

There are different movements the body can perform to maintain or regain health. In our day-to-day activities we use our body in a very limited way. We walk - mostly with quite stiff hips, we bend down to pick up something and we may stretch upward to reach something on a top shelf. Apart from this most of sit a lot or stand a lot - and if your daily work is physical, then you will also use your body performing the same movements again and again. Tadasana -Heavenly stretch pose (custom)      Right angle pose 2 (Custom)

One of the basic movements is stretching (traction). The second movement of the body is twisting (squeezing). The third movement is lateral stretching. The fourth movement is forward bending. The fifth is bending backward, and the sixth is inversion. These are the six major movements the body can perform, but how many of these are you doing every day? Come to a Yoga class and try out a few of these movements and see how different you feel afterward.