Stress on a Cerebral Level

Stress on a cerebral level - overworking of the brain. There are four main types of brain waves being generated: beta,alpha,theta and delta. These waves represent different frequencies of electrical activity inside the brain at the time of action, relaxation and concentration.

Beta waves are related to our external activities. When we are driving a car or working at our workplace, beta waves are predominant.

Alpha waves are related to a relaxed tension-free state. When we are sitting with nothing to worry about, sometimes alpha waves come.


If we are focused, theta waves become predominant. This is the state of concentration. As you  go deeper into states of focused awareness, another frequency is generated, which is slower and you are in a more introverted stage, known as delta waves. Cerebral tension is experienced when beta waves become hyperactive and there is no relaxation of this activity. The brain becomes tired and we just want to relax. Sometimes there is also sensitivity to sound, light and touch.

In practices like Shavasana becoming aware of the body and then withdrawing one's awareness form the senses brings about a state of deep relaxation moving us from a beta wave state into an alpha wave state. So here is the second free short relaxation practice you can download. Enjoy!

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