How can I be present instead of thinking of the past or the future?

Even if you don’t ask yourself consciously “Where have I come from and where do I go? What is this life about?”, you will still come to points in your life from time where you are aware that your thoughts are constantly in the past or you are worrying about the future, or making all kinds of plans for the future. And that way of being causes tension in body and mind. So the question comes up:


During the week of the retreat in the Etruscan Tuscany we came to more and more silence inside of us and thus more present to the present moment. The process to first “cleanse”, then “clear” and then “create” was just the perfect flow for all participants.

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If you want to let go of things of the past that your mind goes back to again and again, it is good to practice becoming the outside observer, the witness. Here is a recording of the introduction to this practice.

And of course if you want to fast forward and instantly get back into the present moment you just have to focus on your breath. See how long you can stay with bringing your awareness to the nostrils feeling the cool sensation when you breathe in and the warm sensation when you breathe out before other thoughts run through your mind. ;-) Although that is not as easy as it sounds (most people don’t manage to do that for 2 minutes without other thoughts coming in) it always DOES bring you back to the moment - and it is a good way to start to concentrate instead of continuously practising to distract yourself what we call these days “multi-tasking’, though science has proven that we can only put our mind on one thing at a time.

Reasons for Yoga and Yoga Retreats

There are nearly as many reasons to practice yoga as there are people practising it. If you want to practise yoga to get a beautiful and healthy body. there is nothing wrong with that all the old masters say is : “Be aware of your mind. Do you feel more peaceful? Have you developed greater concentration?” If so, you will have experienced that yoga has a beneficial influence on the mind as well as the body. Perhaps you have come to yoga because you have an illness and yoga is your last resort. Maybe you have come to yoga to learn how to meditate and be more effective in what you do in your daily life - be it as a parent, a business person, a professional in whatever field you are working in or a better life partner, or even improve your sexual relationship. Whatever your reason is to start practising yoga you will improve in the area you want to improve in. WHY? - Because the ultimate point of yoga is to expand your consciousness, to open your eyes to the vast number of things around you, of which at present you are unaware of. It was Shakespeare who said: ”Three are more things in heaven and earth …… than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” We must keep our minds open to new possibilities. It is Yoga that shows us a way.

“Sarpasana” (snake pose) - strengthens the lower back and shoulder chest area - actually the whole body.

“Sarpasana” (snake pose) - strengthens the lower back and shoulder chest area - actually the whole body.

Like with so many other things in life you have to practice on a regular basis, on a daily basis. Little children don’t just try to walk once or twice a week. Walking gets incorporated in daily life - and that’s how it has to be with yoga, because integral yoga has a positive impact on all areas of our life we can’t see it just as the cream on our meal, which means it is the nourishing substance of the meal.

Each person is a unit consisting of body, mind and consciousness. Most systems only focus on one part - these days mainly on the physical body.

With Aishani Yoga being an integral yoga you will feel all parts of yourself addressed harmoniously, in a holistic way. The integration of both the theory and practice of yoga is the means of developing a new and simpler outlook on life and its seemingly complex patterns.

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