Relieve the Body of Stress at Work

An average of 4.5 hours off work per week per employee? This surely means that we are out of balance! There is a need to know how to relieve the body from stress. In today's mostly hectic world an overproduction of adrenalin causes fatigue and stress which results in absenteeism at work. "Every stress leaves an indelible scar and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older", according to Dr. Hans Selve, one of the foremost researchers in the world on how stress affects the body and founder of the International Institute of Stress at the University of Montreal. "Yoga is one of the most effective, natural ways to relieve the body of stress. As we age, Yoga is a panacea for increasing endurance as it teaches movement of the body in a safe and aligned way. It relieves tension in the diaphragm and rib cage, which helps the heart to pump more easily."

Interested in integrating Yoga at your workplace?  We come to you and present a "lunch-box-seminar" so you can see and experience what Yoga can do for you and your company before you sign up for one or our programs.