Retreat into Balance and Vitality

Retreat means to withdraw or to move back.  Does this have to be a special time at a special place? From time to time a special retreat place will surely help.

There has been a lot of talk about work-life-balance in the last years. Being stressed and constantly busy is almost normal in our society. Nevertheless we strive to get back into balance and keep our energy levels up. Last week I read an article by Fiona Anson, talking about the work-life-balance seesaw. ( Let's talk about the work life balance seesaw. ) We mostly go-go- go, we deplete our energies and then take a break to quickly recharge and then start again powering us out of energy. 

Mostly at times of bigger stress - when a loved one suddenly gets sick or someone close to us dies, do we start to revaluate what is really important to us. We realise that our health and family and friends are most important if we want to achieve anything else in our lives. Every day there should be time for a mini-retreat, a time to reconnect and recharge. We can do little centring practices with yoga and breath meditation in the morning or if we really can't get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning, it can be lunch time work yoga. Why? - Because re-focussing is far more effective than pushing through. 

This is how someone looks like who tried to push through the day: 


And his is how a happily productive and balanced person looks like:

And where is it easier to learn that than at a retreat? 

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