Reasons for Yoga and Yoga Retreats

There are nearly as many reasons to practice yoga as there are people practising it. If you want to practise yoga to get a beautiful and healthy body. there is nothing wrong with that all the old masters say is : “Be aware of your mind. Do you feel more peaceful? Have you developed greater concentration?” If so, you will have experienced that yoga has a beneficial influence on the mind as well as the body. Perhaps you have come to yoga because you have an illness and yoga is your last resort. Maybe you have come to yoga to learn how to meditate and be more effective in what you do in your daily life - be it as a parent, a business person, a professional in whatever field you are working in or a better life partner, or even improve your sexual relationship. Whatever your reason is to start practising yoga you will improve in the area you want to improve in. WHY? - Because the ultimate point of yoga is to expand your consciousness, to open your eyes to the vast number of things around you, of which at present you are unaware of. It was Shakespeare who said: ”Three are more things in heaven and earth …… than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” We must keep our minds open to new possibilities. It is Yoga that shows us a way.

“Sarpasana” (snake pose) - strengthens the lower back and shoulder chest area - actually the whole body.

“Sarpasana” (snake pose) - strengthens the lower back and shoulder chest area - actually the whole body.

Like with so many other things in life you have to practice on a regular basis, on a daily basis. Little children don’t just try to walk once or twice a week. Walking gets incorporated in daily life - and that’s how it has to be with yoga, because integral yoga has a positive impact on all areas of our life we can’t see it just as the cream on our meal, which means it is the nourishing substance of the meal.

Each person is a unit consisting of body, mind and consciousness. Most systems only focus on one part - these days mainly on the physical body.

With Aishani Yoga being an integral yoga you will feel all parts of yourself addressed harmoniously, in a holistic way. The integration of both the theory and practice of yoga is the means of developing a new and simpler outlook on life and its seemingly complex patterns.

To join one of the upcoming retreats this year please email me:

  1. 25 May - 1 June 2019” Yoga Under the Tuscan Sun - cleanse - clear - create””

  2. 6 July 0 18 July 2019 “Yoga in Fiji - Mrs Snook’s gut cleanse and integral Yoga holidays”

  3. 28 Sept - 5 Oct 2019 “Yoga Under the Tuscan Sun - Detox body and mind while being active and relaxed in stunning surroundings”


What is Yoga and what do we do on a Yoga Retreat?

Yoga is a vast subject. There are different traditions, systems and practices in yoga. Just as in medical science there are many different branches and forms of specialisation, it is the same with yoga. "Some people have become experts in the area of the physical body with its physical postures only, others might have become experts in meditation only. In today’s yoga world we find people from different paths who teach what they know as yoga. But real yoga deals with the integrated development of the human personality" (as Swami Niranjananda from the Bihar School of Yoga tells us)


"Yoga aims at controlling the mind and its modifications. The path of yoga is an inner path whose gateway is your heart. Yoga is the discipline of the mind, the senses and the physical body. It helps to control and coordinate the subtle forces within the body." (swami Sivananda)

Having had my training in the Satyananda tradition (his master was Swami Sivananda and his successor is Swami Niranjananda Saraswati), these quotes above are very relevant to the the way I conduct the Aishani Yoga Retreats. 

If we want to get to the point of being able to be in charge of the modifications of our mind we have to awaken our awareness on the physical emotional and mental level. So on a yoga retreat we practice asanas to become aware of the body and harmonise the emerges of the body, we practise pranayama to become aware of the subtle forces of the breath and we practice relaxation and meditation to become aware of the thoughts and mind. In a 7-day yoga retreat we start introducing specific practices that make it easier for us to develop positive habits that change our experience of life in a way that is less restricted. Most people say that they had the first time the experience of being a "human being" and not a "human doing". 

Tuscany is a beautiful place and it invites to take the leap and explore yoga and what it can do for us beyond a "nice" holiday. So here is what it can do for you.

Yoga Under The Tuscan Sun 26 May - 2 June 2018. email me to book on

Health of Mind and Body

Not only at Yoga Under The Tuscan Sun Retreat in May and September each year - But EVERY DAY

"The most important part of a tree is not the trunk - but the root. One has to nurture the root more than any other part, because once the root becomes weak, what kind of a life will the tree have? You may prop it up but with one small storm it will fall, because it lacks the inner strength to stand upright." (Sw. Niranjananda)

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There is just no health without a healthy mind. Nevertheless I read again in an article about health and fitness and weight loss: " ... weight loss is not always equal to good health and weight gain is not always equal to bad health. But the twin powers of health are: fitness and nutrition." And then I read about all the different Yoga schools that have popped up out of nowhere; and how great that you can do under water yoga, yoga in salt chambers and even yoga in a brewery - beer only after the yoga class. My sarcastic self speaks to me: "Sure, let's get more and more inventive to focus on the outer environment, something more fancy, something that gets our mind again occupied and thus distracted from the center and the force within, the union, yoga can really lead us to.... but our mind might just say that that is boring so we keep it entertained with all these new "yogas". 

In the end it is really simple. There are asanas (yoga postures done with awareness rather trying to copy anyone), then there is pranayama (breathing practices) and Yoga Nidra - THE relaxation practice. If you practices these with an experienced yoga teacher - somebody who didn't just do a 3 week course to become a yoga teacher because it is so cool and in - and then also ask for a shorter program you might be able to do daily or as often as you want to integrate yoga in your life, THEN you will see and experience life changes. Yes, I said life changes as this kind of health changes your life. It is more than a fit body and making sure you eat nutritiously. You become aware of the interplay between your body, your emotions (through the breathing practices) and get the strength for yourself and the connection with yourself through the practice of Yoga Nidra, the deep relaxation practice that is unique. 

"Managing our mind and giving direction to the energies of the mind is our greatest challenge."