Major focuses

Experience the world differently 

If we are full of vitality in the present, we experience ourselves and the world around us differently. 

Our retreats give you the opportunity to develop healthy habits on the physical, emotional, and mental level. Well proven systems of Yoga have shown great results on more than the level of physical well being and fitness, but go deeper into the whole personality. 

Yoga Health Retreats are the stepping stone into life-long health and fitness, a sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle. We host our retreats in stunning locations - like Binna Burra (Australia, Lamington National Park) and Tuscany ( Italy) - with beautiful surroundings, delicious fresh vegetarian food, and luxuriously warm and hospitable accommodations.

Some of the points we cover are: 

1. "Strengthen and support your spine so it supports you" , therefore: Vitalize the body, balance the emotions and calm the mind.

2. "The power of your breath – a way towards tension free living”

3. Learning how to effectively relax and really be recharged