At Work Yoga

"I am thoroughly enjoying your classes & you sharing your in-depth knowledge of yoga and its benefits.

Personally I have benefited greatly in the following areas: Better posture when at my work station; clearer thinking that has increased my productivity; increased fitness and lower levels of stress; increased feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

Thanks again - morning yoga is the best way to enable a productive day."

(Alan Heald - Energex)

"Shaktiprem’s yoga class is the ultimate low-impact de-stress. A stressful day, a busy life, family complications can all be gently unwound as she moves you to a calm inner space by steadily leaving your day behind.  From there, you gain energy and flexibility through the positions and routines of yoga to refocus the mind and body together.  A week without yoga is a more stressful week!"

(Alan Lawson – Academic, UQ) 


Aishani Yoga Retreat Under the Tuscan Sun May 2018


Yoga Health Retreats - Yoga Under The Tuscan Sun - "Rejuvenate and Revitalise the whole You" May 2015

Yoga Health Retreats - Yoga Under The Tuscan Sun - "Detox Body and Mind" Sept/Oct 2014

Shaktiprem is an excellent, intuitive yoga teacher who designed her program to suit every participant, from beginner to a fellow yoga teacher. I am a beginner and no spring chicken but this was yoga taught with ease and grace. The retreat was colorful and diversified. We stayed in a spacious house in individual rooms with our own bathrooms and had a swimming pool and a terrace for ourselves. Besides the yoga sessions, we went on walks in the beautiful Tuscan landscape. There was a day of cleansing; silent retrospective hours; daily sharing sessions, journaling, and pleasant conversations with the excellent Tuscan meals. Very pleasant excursions into the nearby village of Castellina in Chianti to sample the incredible gelato rounded up the experience. 

And: after having been in physical pains for 10 years I am pain free (head, stomach, joints). What a gift!!     (Evie S.)

Shaktiprem has a very special gift – she is able to convey the Yoga message without push or pressure.  She explains what is happening in clear, concise language and coupled with the practice each day, the Retreat becomes a real experience – not just something transitory.

This includes the de-tox, cleanse day, which was most beneficial – a very interesting time.

The accommodation – excellent and authentic, the food -  fresh and delicious (some cooked by Shaktiprem herself and some prepared by Italian Mama Dora and I loved it all.)

I absolutely recommend a Retreat with Shaktiprem for any one interested in Yoga, beginner or an experienced practitioner   (KayG)

The retreat in Tuscany with Shaktiprem exceeded my expectations in every way, the venue was fantastic; a typical Tuscan farmhouse in the centre of the Chianti region with views to die for and the accommodation was spacious and spotless.

Shaktiprem put together a great Yoga program and even though I am a beginner at Yoga I really enjoyed every single Yoga exercise. Coupled with the wonderful Yoga we also enjoyed some delicious Tuscan food prepared by a local cook and a number of outings to local tourist attractions which gave a great counter-balance to the week. Shaktiprem is a wonderful person and a great teacher and mentor.

I cannot honestly say what I would do differently and I would wholeheartedly recommend this retreat to anyone regardless of age or fitness level. I enjoyed every minute of this last week and have made some wonderful new friends as well. Don’t think about it – do it, you won’t regret it

My only regret is that I have to go home – thank you Shaktiprem for making this happen.  (Jean C.)

Lilliano - view from pool
Lilliano - balancing together

Yoga Health Retreats - Binna Burra 2013

"What a great weekend retreat we had we Shaktiprem! Everyone enjoyed the program and was amazed of the simplicity that is possible to bring profound effects to the participants. Shaktiprem’s knowledge and sense of humour made this a unique experience. "Finding time for self and meeting such a variety of people was very special"

(James S)

Yoga Health Retreats - Rimfall Cottages 2013

"The mini-retreat was a great way to unwind and get a good experience of yoga. It was a lovely, small group with varied experiences in yoga. I was a beginner and I was worried that I would be forced into some weird backward bends and cross-legged positions. Not at all. I came out of the retreat feeling good, relaxed and didn’t feel strained at any time. Shaktiprem’s joyful energy made it very easy for us to go with the flow. Looking forward to the next yoga weekend away."

(Sarah B)