Take time out from the city and your routine. Get into good Yoga practices and healthy eating habits, and breathe new vitality into your very being.

About Yoga Health Retreats

Set in breathtaking surrounds, Shaktiprem's Yoga Health Retreats offer a truly unique experience. Her retreats combine a vacation in an exclusive location with the benefits of getting into a healthy, enjoyable, balanced habit through Yoga practices. Yoga Health Retreats are not only a wonderful experience, but an opportunity to strengthen body and mind and leave you ready for a brighter future in your everyday life.

What we offer

Shaktiprem's Yoga Health Retreats designed to refresh and energise. They include purpose built Yoga programs ideal for beginners and challenging for the experienced. These programs combine individual attention with the benefit and support of group programs. For overseas retreats, options also exist for travelling companions not participating in the yoga program.

Who Comes on a Yoga Health Retreat

Experience the world differently 

If we are full of vitality in the present, we experience ourselves and the world around us differently. 

Our retreats give you the opportunity to develop healthy habits on the physical, emotional, and mental level. Well proven systems of Yoga have shown great results on more than the level of physical well being and fitness, but go deeper into the whole personality. 

Yoga Health Retreats are the stepping stone into life-long health and fitness, a sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle. We host our retreats in stunning locations - like Binna Burra (Australia, Lamington National Park) and Tuscany ( Italy) - with beautiful surroundings, delicious fresh vegetarian food, and luxuriously warm and hospitable accommodations.

Some of the points we cover are: 

1. "Strengthen and support your spine so it supports you" , therefore: Vitalize the body, balance the emotions and calm the mind.

2. "The power of your breath – a way towards tension free living”

3. Learning how to effectively relax and really be recharged


Your Host and Instructor

Shaktiprem Blaschke is a qualified Yoga instructor and teaches in the Satyananda Yoga Tradition. She began teaching yoga in 1996 after eight years of yoga study. Since then she has taught in Germany, Italy and India, and in the only government-recognised yoga academy in Australia. The Satyananda Yoga Tradition is an integral yoga that focuses on being aware of body, breath, mind, and thought. It is appropriate for everybody, no matter what age, body shape, or fitness level.

Before teaching Yoga, Shaktiprem studied Pharmacy in Germany. Since then, she has combined her knowledge of Yoga and Pharmacy with an understanding of the issues of the modern working person to produce a program that relaxes, revitalises, and energises. Yoga has taught Shaktiprem how to be focused and relaxed at the same time, living in balance with body and mind. It is this balance that Shaktiprem can share with you.

Past Retreats




Introduction to the 5 Daily Yoga Capsules

What: Weekend Retreat - Relax & Recharge: The 5 Daily Yoga Capsules
Where: Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, Gold Coast Hinterland

This mountain retreat weekend gives you the opportunity to slow down and get yourself back into balance. You will learn "the 5 Daily Yoga Capsules” amongst the subtropical rainforest of Lamington National Park, 800 metres above sea level. In this magical spot, you will be surrounded by spectacular natural features that will truly help to recharge your batteries.

Lots of us take supplements and vitamins to balance out our diets yet quite often we remain out of balance. During this weekend, you will be introduced to the 5 Daily Yoga Capsules and leave with enough experience to go on taking them daily when you return home. They are easy and simple, yet profound! You will leave refreshed, clear, energized, and with the knowledge required to bring the yoga capsules into your every day life.

You will also be taken through the practice of: asanas (yoga postures) de-stressing the physical body; pranayama (breathing practices) getting mind and emotions in order by balancing both hemispheres of our brain; and Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation practice giving us vitality and calm.

This weekend gives a great foundation to work from for beginners and for people who have started to integrate Yoga in their life. Yoga practices, bush walking, artistic activity and good food are the nurturing foundation of this weekend. You will experience how our breath opens the door towards tension free living and learn how to effectively relax and really be recharged.

"This weekend added to my travels through Australia in a very unique way! I experienced the richness of simplicity that was in the location and the Yoga program. I hadn't done much Yoga before, and found Shaktiprem's teaching so enlivening and centring at the same time. I now have great practices to integrate in my daily life and know that it only takes a few little steps to start making big shifts in my life. Thanks Shaktiprem." - Ella K

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